Slicksure: The Terror of Grimstone Castle!

An adventure of Secret Agent Slicksure who first appeared in Swan’s Fresh Fun no. 1, April, 1940. The artist was Edgar (Harry) “Bang” Banger but this strip from Comic Colour Album  1953 shows a far more, can I say “improved” (?) action style –Bang was, after all, a humour man on Super Stoogie. Check out his work in this page previously posted on this blog –
Ahh, but Swan was produucing pulp magazines and there were no flies on him when it came to trying to attract readers! The early 1950s were the days of talk of horror comics and in the newspapers and on radio there was talk of flying saucers -something that cropped up a lot in strips published by Swan.
And what better a story from a main contributor like Banger than a spy needing a rest and taking a walking holiday…and encountering -a horror!!
I LOVE this. It’s fun. It’s a bit older than I am! I know Denis Gifford seemed to have a problem with Harry Banger -it was never explained but he just did not seem to rate his work at all. Me? I love Stoogie and I love Slicksure!
You can read about Banger (pronounced as in “Danger”) here:






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