The Super-Duper Heroes

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This page will show cover scans as well as a one page sampler interior page. Source credit Denis Gifford & Terry Hooper.

 The 1940s and 1950s saw many publishers try to emulate American comic heroes from comics that children could no longer get hold of because of the war. Gerald Swann and his fellow entrepeneurs did their best and came up with real gems. In 1950,as a reaction to all those “horrid” horror and violent comics,Frank Hampson published The Eagle,heralding the Silver Age of British comics.

In 1986,Black Tower revived many Golden Age heroes and some like Krakos,Streamline,both “THE” Bats and Maxwell have been appearing regularly ever since



 Please note that,unless otherwise stated,all characters are [c]2005 Terry Hooper and Black Tower Comics Group [UK] and have been in use since 1986. Copyright infringements will result in legal action.

Dan Dare/Eagle,Garth,Marvelman [c] respective owners

MR MUSCLE from Dynamic Comics as drawn and written by Denis Gifford

Back From The Dead by William McCall,1940,1941 and 1952 -soon to be reprinted by Black Tower

Back From The Dead interior page….spooky!

Thrill Comics 1942,by William Ward,featuring Krakos the Egyptian

Krakos gets “involved” in the War -“heads up Fritz!”

Bumper Comic Capers,1942 -Nat Brand on Halcon Lord of The Crater!

Very little is known about Brand other than his superb work!

Super Duper Comics 1946. Powerman by Dennis M. Reader

Above:Powerman had a smashing time back then!

Crasho Comic 1947. Crewe Davies “Crash Britannus” stars!

above:crude artwork but….Crash goes into action!

Streamline Comics 1947. The speedster created and drawn by…Denis Gifford!

And Streamline is born!!

Above.Ensign Comic 1947. Not a costumed super hero…just A hero-Tola drawn by W. Forshaw

Above. You have to admit that is one superbly drawn tiger!

Above:Speed Gale Comics 1947. Anon. artist. Below:Super Duper 1947. Art by D. M. Reader

Above:It would be nice to know who the artist was -some superb form work here.

Above:Dennis M. Reader draws Electro-Girl

The 3-Star Adventures 1947 by Rex Hart

Super-Boyo is no push over…”up and at ’em!”

The Atom with Ju-Jitsu Jimmy by Rex Hart 1947

Above:Is a girl not safe on the beach? Lucky for Jimmy’s Ju-jitsu!

above:Prang Comic 1948 Maxwell The Mighty stars -artist anon.

Above:Maxwell in action –the professor avenged!

Marsman Comics 1948. The artist was Paddy Brennan a D.C.Thomson stalwart who later drew General Jumbo

The first episode of Garth written and drawn by Stephen Dowling 24th July,1943

Marvelman no.25 [first appearance of Marvelman the previous 24 issues featured Fawcetts Capt Marvel]1954 art Mick Anglo

The Comet 1949 featuring Thunderbolt Jaxon,drawn by Hugh McNeill..a boy transforms into a muscley,skirted man…ooh.

The Bat Magazine 1952-starring the Bat. Drawn and written by George McQueen was a supernatural hero:nothing to do with William Ward’s The Bat of the 1940s

Ushering in the Silver Age of British comics:Frank Hampson’s The Eagle no.1,14th April,1950-in Sweden Dan Dare became Dan Djarv in Falken from Sweden and Den Deri in Plavi Vjesnik from Jugoslavia


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